Sunday, September 29, 2013

O-Bee will be a judge in the upcoming season of Norway's Got Talent

That's it! Omer Bhatti is one of the judges for the next season of Norway's Got Talent, along with Mia Gundersen (singer and actress), Bjarte Hjelmeland (actor and theatre director) and Lisa Tønne (Comedian and actress).

- I have received so many offers of different TV stuff, everything from competitions to reality shows, and I feel that I, if I appeared to jut my nose, must be a part of something I can stand. Something in what I do myself, that is music and dancing.

- To sit in the judging panel on "Norwegian Talents" is a platform that fits well for me. I've been doing music and dancing all my life, it's my passion. And then I think also that I have a good eye to mock talents. That's what I live for, I find it exciting to follow what is happening and what is coming new talents. I almost never see on TV, but I got me some episodes of "Norwegian Talents". So I feel I have something to come by and something to contribute in terms of knowledge and experience in relation to entertain and to be on stage, he said.

See Mia Gundersen introduce the new judges:

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  1. I would just like to say that Angelina Jordan's performances were incredible! But, I believe that you and the three other judges did a tremendous job as the frame and background for Angelina's appearances.
    Wishing all of you well from Joliet, Illinois--------Carl Nigro